hOp is the new way to neighbor™️

When residents feel connected to their apartment community, they stay—it’s that simple. hOp fosters community by connecting everyone you do business with: prospects, residents, neighbors, onsite teams, corporate groups, local merchants, and preferred partners. With patented technology, no other solution connects people together like hOp.

Resident retention increases up to

0 %
when residents know 6 or more people in their community

The hOp platform is a robust toolkit for fostering authentic community to drive retention.

Increase qualified sales leads

It starts with prospects by introducing them to resident champions and helps convert leads into leases. Now, onsite teams can connect with residents in a variety of ways, giving them the control on how to engage.

Turns residents into neighbors

Renewal rates increase up to 70% when a resident personally knows six or more people in their community. hOp leverages features like favors, perks, polls, events, group chat, and direct messaging to help residents connect with each other and your onsite team to plant roots in your neighborhood.

Give residents a single touchpoint

Your residents probably chose to live in your community, in part, because of the services and amenities you offer. Give them a great experience by making those services as safe and accessible as possible all in one app.

Empower onsite teams to proactively turn positive experiences into positive reviews

Between hOp flagging features and our automated review tool, reputation management will be a breeze. Our Flagged Words™ feature will notify onsite teams so they can interact directly with residents and resolve issues quickly. Both in-app or in the hOp Dashboard!

Create an open dialogue with your residents

Your onsite team is an important part of your community. hOp helps you create engaging content and can even share it on your behalf.

Make the most of your community and vendor services​

You’re invested in your vendors and services. Use hOp to gauge community interest and feedback to make event smarter investment decisions. Plus, keep your favorite tools! We integrate seamlessly with Yardi, RealPage, and Entrata.

Offset your community costs & reinvest in your neighborhood

Your community extends to the neighborhood around you. Treat residents (and yourself!) to some great deals at the spots they already love nearby. Bonus: Build relationships with the shop owners, restaurants and service providers nearby.